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Entrées thaïes

  1.   PO-PEAH ป่อเปี๊ยะ 6€90   (4pcs)
  Spring rolls with chicken, vegetables and vermicellis noodles
  2.   TOD-MAN ทอดมัน 9€50   (4pcs)
  Deep fried prawn balls
  3.   SATAE สะเต๊ะ 8€50 (4pcs) 16€50 (8pcs) 
  Sliced skewered and grilled chicken
  4.   CRISPY WINGS ปีกไก่ทอด 8€50 (4pcs)   16€50 (8pcs) 
  Chicken wings
  5.   KA-NOM PANG NA-GUNG ขนมหน้ากุ้ง 9€50   (4pcs)  
  Prawn toast
  6.   PLAA GUNG พล่ากุ้ง 9€50   (2pcs)
  Prawns in spicy sauce
  7.   SOM TUM ส้มตำ * * 11€20
  Spicy green papaya salad
  8.   TAO HU SOUP แกงจืดเต้าหู้เจ 8€50 (small)   12€50 (large) 
  9.   TOM-YUM GUNG SOUP ต้มยำกุ้ง 10€50(small)  18€50 (large) 
  Spicy prawns soup with lemongrass * *
10.   ENTREE MIXTE ออร์เดิฟ 9€50 
  1 Nem, 2 Satae, 1 Tod-Man
11.   SAI GROG ISAAN ใส้กรอกอีสาน 9€50 (small)   14€50 (large) 
  Thai-Isaan sausages
12.   SUPPLEMENT เพิ่ม
  - Egg 1€00
  - Rice 2€50
  - Sauce 1€00
*The concerned dishes can be prepared without the ingredients marked with asterisk.
  wheat Wheat Rye Rye Barley Barley
  Oats Oats Spelt Spelt Khorasan Khorasan
  Crustaceans Crustaceans Eggs Eggs Fish Fish
  Peanuts Peanuts Soybeans Soybeans Milk Milk
  Laktose Laktose Almonds Almonds Haselnuts Haselnuts
  Walnuts Walnuts Chashews Chashews Pekan nuts Pekan nuts
  Brazil nuts Brazil nuts Pistachio nuts Pistachio nuts Macadamia nuts Macadamia
  Queensland nuts Queensland nuts Celery Celery
  Mustard Mustard Sesame seeds Sesame seeds
  Sulphur dioxide Sulphur dioxide Lupin Lupin
  Molluscs Molluscs